Write when You’re Cranky

August 14, 2009

You know those times when you successfully bite your tongue on a whole lot of things you shouldn’t say? I won’t reveal what kind of record I have on that tally sheet, but I will say that when I do manage to not talk, I stay up that night as the repressed emotions radiate out of my body at the rate of 1/100 of a degree per minute.

There’s a shortcut out of this: journal writing.

Maybe I shouldn’t make and keep a running record of my worst moods, but if conflict is the core of fiction, then I have a great store of material that illuminates some awful, embarrassing, human reactions to what happens in life.

If this happens to you, I suggest the following: write down (and then password-protect) all the things you knew better than to say. After that, write down what you wished could have happened. Then maybe throw in some realism. Make grandiose plans. Admit limitations. Get depressed; write about that. Then stop.

Write when you’re cranky.

But write down the beautiful moments, too.


5 Responses to “Write when You’re Cranky”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    I love capturing those radiant emotions. ^^ They’re so useful. Looking back at them instantly brings back that emotion, and makes it a powerful source for writing.

  2. Linnea, I couldn’t agree more. And sometimes I’d say, the crankier the better. You never know what’s going to come out of you.

    And on the flipside, I’m never as cranky when I finish writing as I was when I started.

    Great post, Madame astute genius.
    Take care friend

  3. linneawrites Says:

    Thanks for reading, and for your sympathetic vibrations on this wavelength. Good insight on both counts. This might be evolving into crankiness if I DON’T write. I might be okay with that.

  4. handicapper Says:

    Linnea, this is my 2nd comment today so, for brevity, wonderful idea… I’ll try to apply it to my life.


  5. […] next year, I’ll have a blog, a novel, twelve essays, and a record of my experiences, both cranky and content. Plus, maybe, a poem. That will be a good time to leaf through my files, pick a […]

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