Continuing Slowness

November 9, 2009

Hello again!

Slowness this week refers to my leisurely return to blog posting. While I’m getting my act together, read something by someone who already has, quite a while ago.


Slow Start

November 2, 2009

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo is fading, and my word count is getting close to my Day 1 target. The Snowflake method seems like a good thing, but I’m rushing through it (and skipping ahead) so quickly that it’s hard to say. Part of me wants to hold off on the novelling until I’ve finished the snowflake, but another part keeps reminding me that that’s not how NaNo is supposed to work, and I’m falling behind!

My slow start is only slow in terms of building word count. Coming up with characters and a plot in two days–that’s fast.