Muse-calling Concluded

June 29, 2009


Log in: 8:35 AM
Log out: 9:59 AM
FWC: 278


Log in: 9:35 AM
Log out: 10:25 AM
FWC: 1568


Log in: 8:31 AM
Log out: 9:01 AM
FWC: 1785

…and another “fail” on the 1500 words per day goal. I was significantly late at least three times and early on one day. I cut my time short once, but ran over the half hour several times. Most importantly, I sat down in front of my computer as close to 8:30 AM as I could manage every day for 21 days in a row. Now it feels comfortable. I wake up thinking about Writing Time, and plan my early morning around it. I haven’t quite gotten used to how grouchy I can be for the first ten minutes, but I’m starting to love how happy I am after that.

Happiness is what my change in direction from freelance commercial writitng to fiction was all about, so it might be safe to say that my decision has begun to pay off.

It’s been twelve months since I launched this blog with an announcement of my intention to leave my accounting career and become a writer. Now I can say that I write every day and have kept up a blog for a year (except that I took February off…). Posts here have been regular, three per week, since April. I am certainly a blogger, if not any other kind of writer. There are six months left in this experiment. What should I do with that time? I can probably get something published by the end of the year, even if it’s nothing more than a letter to the editor of my local paper.

Any other ideas, anyone?


Muse-calling, Week Three

June 26, 2009


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FWC: 1847


Log in: 8:28 AM
Log out: 9:05 AM
FWC: 2314

Pass/fail on my goal of 1500 words per day this week: fail.

According to Lanny Bassham (I’ve mentioned him), I have three days to go. So I’ll have one more update for you on Monday, and a stronger feeling of certainty that I have, indeed, established a new habit. If nothing else, I’ve found a pattern in the way I work. It takes me about ten minutes to settle into “fiction mode”. Maybe that time will decrease with practice, but for now I’m happy to sit down knowing that there’s a limit to how much time I’m going to spend staring at an empty screen.

Monday is also the one year anniversary of Linnea Writes; I’m excited.

Belated Wednesday Update

June 25, 2009

Sorry about that. I’ll post today’s time log with Friday’s as usual.


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FWC: 1347


Log in: 8:34 AM
Log out: 9:10 AM
FWC: 1847

Vewy Vewy Quiet

June 22, 2009

My fiance asked me if I noticed my Google settings switching to “Elmer Fudd” a few months back. Of course I did! That was awesome! I giggled every time I opened my web browser. He told me he had done it, and then switched it back after a couple weeks when I didn’t say anything. Oh. I just figured Google had a sense of humor.

That story doesn’t connect to anything, except my current philosophy of stalking my fiction on exaggerated tiptoes. That, and there are moments when I think I’m about as competent at this as Fudd was at catching that wily wabbit.


Log in: 7:01 AM
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FWC: 468


Log in: 8:59
Log out: 9:42
FWC: 694


Log in: 8:29
Log out: 8:59
FWC: 1012

This, however, isn’t one of those moments. Sometimes I look at my slow-growing Fiction Word Count and shake my head, but, on the other hand, I’m getting used to writing every morning. I wake up and check the clock: do I have time for a shower? Breakfast? Am I awake enough to start right now? Even on mornings when the answer has been “No, no, and defintely not,” I’ve stuck with it. I usually spend about ten minutes staring at my screen, but I’ve learned that something will come eventually.

Thus far, I have not been tempted to shoot it with a blunderbuss.

Muse-calling, Week Two

June 19, 2009

So far, so good. One more week to set the habit.


Log in: 8:45
Log out: 9:15
FWC: 2413


Log in: 8:30
Log out: 9:00
FWC: 3027

Pass/fail on my goal of 1,500 words per day this week: fail, but improving.

A Good and Bad Morning

June 17, 2009


Log in: 8:30
Log out: 9:01
FWC: 1113


Log in: 10:35
Log out: 12:15
FWC: 2121

I woke up late this morning. I slept right past my start time… either of them. And I had done so well on Tuesday! I stomped around being grumpy for a while, then realized it was only getting later, and so I sat down and called my Muse. I hope she was ignoring me right then, because I spent the next fifteen minutes glaring to the left of my monitor. Hmph.

As my attitude straightened out (slowly), I started opening my fiction files, hoping that something that’s been going well would suck me in. No such luck. Fine then! I thought. I’ll write something new! Something… cranky.

And so I wrote a short story. One complete draft. Wow! Yay! I haven’t done that in … an embarrassingly long time.

But I did it this morning.

Novelling Slowly

June 15, 2009

My fiance follows a handful of personal finance blogs, and one of them is Get Rich Slowly. The guy who runs it started a companion blog not too long ago: Get Fit Slowly. What an awesome set of ideas. Aim for a difficult goal, and then get there slowly.

I would like to have a sweeping victory immediately, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get that. What I can do is try five or ten different methods for getting a novel written, drop the ones that don’t work, tweak those that might work, and stick with the ones that work really well. Thus far I have had one success, tweaked it anyway, failed, and now I’m on Experiment #2. I’m hoping my methods will improve as much as my writing.

The one-year anniversary of this blog is coming up in two weeks. It’s been an eventful year–lots of changes. As I was paging throught the archives, I realized that I set 8:00 AM as my official start time… and I was aiming for 8:30 all last week. Ah well; I’ll stick with 8:30 now. A word about the Fiction Word Count: I like seeing it build over the course of a week, but I feel like I’d be padding it if I kept adding to it after my writing week ends. I’m going to reset the meter on Friday nights.


Log in: 8:39
Log out: 9:03
FWC: 316


Log in: 8:29
Log out: 8:43
Log in: 9:08
Log out: 9:34
FWC: 757


Log in: 8:32
Log out: 9:04
FWC: 779

Notice that my weekend off disappeared. Lanny Bassham is responsible for this. I’m hoping 21 days without a break really will be enough.