A Good and Bad Morning

June 17, 2009


Log in: 8:30
Log out: 9:01
FWC: 1113


Log in: 10:35
Log out: 12:15
FWC: 2121

I woke up late this morning. I slept right past my start time… either of them. And I had done so well on Tuesday! I stomped around being grumpy for a while, then realized it was only getting later, and so I sat down and called my Muse. I hope she was ignoring me right then, because I spent the next fifteen minutes glaring to the left of my monitor. Hmph.

As my attitude straightened out (slowly), I started opening my fiction files, hoping that something that’s been going well would suck me in. No such luck. Fine then! I thought. I’ll write something new! Something… cranky.

And so I wrote a short story. One complete draft. Wow! Yay! I haven’t done that in … an embarrassingly long time.

But I did it this morning.


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