Recipe Weekend

August 10, 2009

For the record, it was actually my bridal shower, with many wonderful things besides recipes, but since this is a blog about writing, and because my next project is to write about food, Recipe Weekend is what I’ll call it.

On the awesome side, many of these recipes came with stories and/or traditions. It was just perfect.


Lucidlunatic made a good point when he/she recommended I give my attention to just one project to improve progress on that project. Also, the wedding is about two months away, and I think I’m running out of space in my brain. Food always gets my attention, so I’ll focus on that. Also, the brothel story has a high weird factor, and while I’m usually good with that, now (with limited brainspace) I’m not up for dealing with it in a way that could make sense to a larger-than-me-sized audience.

Food wins.

Friends and Food

August 3, 2009

My fiance and I had a friend over for dinner tonight. We talked briefly about my next blog project: friends and food. He (the friend) has been a part of that happy situation for a while, and was fine with the idea of me putting some of those memories onto the blog. That’s good, because (per 279 Days) I’ve been making notes and jotting down recipes to use as backup content for the days or weeks when I can’t come up with anything fresh. When that happens here, you get a very short post, or I delay or skip a post. Not cool, and it won’t work any better in the future, especially if I want my new blog to be more professional.

Tiny little bits of incremental progress is all I’m making. It’ll have to do.