Calm Writer, Someday

January 15, 2010

I’m working on this. Uninvoked made a good point on Tuesday. I’m doing the set-goals, work-really-hard, stress-out-about-it thing, and in addition to being stressful, it’s not entirely necessary. At least, not every day.

Part of me knows this, and another part argues that daily attempts on goal is a good way to score points and get stuff done. It’s January and I’m into resolutions and goal-setting. Guess which part is winning.

If you’re like me, try this site.


2 Responses to “Calm Writer, Someday”

  1. Uninvoked Says:

    wow, it floored me to see my name mentioned in a post while looking through wordpress search engine. O.O Thanks for the link!

    Goals are always awesome. Just make sure the ones you set are achievable.

  2. linneawrites Says:

    Glad to do it–you had some good perspective.

    I’m on my second year of conscientious goal-setting, and keeping myself balanced between achievement and serenity is already a bigger challenge than any one goal.

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