Blog Planning

August 24, 2009

I started working on a strategy for my new blog today. Evidently, I should have done that with this one. Glad the 50 or so of you haven’t been holding that against me. The hardest part right now is narrowing my focus, from “food” down to something specific enough to write about. I’m in no danger of running out of material no matter what I pick, but I’m still tempted to keep my options open… to the tune of maybe three related subjects.

Meanwhile, I got another blog idea that’s new and shiny! And probably harder, but in the exhilarating kind of way. I might as well spend a couple hours on that, planning topics and mapping structure and finding a place for it on my calendar. If it’s not all sparkly after a couple weeks, I’ll have a nice template for something else.

My student’s lightning strike is now a short story, and I have one of my own to review, too. By “review” I mean “rewrite entirely.” Standard procedure. It’s never as wonderful in Draft One as it is by Draft Three. Or Seven.

I’m still pretty happy with all this. I’m blogging, teaching on a small scale, writing, and I’m organized.

This is awesome.


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