Muse-calling, Week Three

June 26, 2009


Log in: 8:37 AM
Log out: 9:08 AM
FWC: 1847


Log in: 8:28 AM
Log out: 9:05 AM
FWC: 2314

Pass/fail on my goal of 1500 words per day this week: fail.

According to Lanny Bassham (I’ve mentioned him), I have three days to go. So I’ll have one more update for you on Monday, and a stronger feeling of certainty that I have, indeed, established a new habit. If nothing else, I’ve found a pattern in the way I work. It takes me about ten minutes to settle into “fiction mode”. Maybe that time will decrease with practice, but for now I’m happy to sit down knowing that there’s a limit to how much time I’m going to spend staring at an empty screen.

Monday is also the one year anniversary of Linnea Writes; I’m excited.


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