Vewy Vewy Quiet

June 22, 2009

My fiance asked me if I noticed my Google settings switching to “Elmer Fudd” a few months back. Of course I did! That was awesome! I giggled every time I opened my web browser. He told me he had done it, and then switched it back after a couple weeks when I didn’t say anything. Oh. I just figured Google had a sense of humor.

That story doesn’t connect to anything, except my current philosophy of stalking my fiction on exaggerated tiptoes. That, and there are moments when I think I’m about as competent at this as Fudd was at catching that wily wabbit.


Log in: 7:01 AM
Log out: 7:37 AM
FWC: 468


Log in: 8:59
Log out: 9:42
FWC: 694


Log in: 8:29
Log out: 8:59
FWC: 1012

This, however, isn’t one of those moments. Sometimes I look at my slow-growing Fiction Word Count and shake my head, but, on the other hand, I’m getting used to writing every morning. I wake up and check the clock: do I have time for a shower? Breakfast? Am I awake enough to start right now? Even on mornings when the answer has been “No, no, and defintely not,” I’ve stuck with it. I usually spend about ten minutes staring at my screen, but I’ve learned that something will come eventually.

Thus far, I have not been tempted to shoot it with a blunderbuss.


4 Responses to “Vewy Vewy Quiet”

  1. Lorenzo di Calabria Says:

    Ahem, that’s “wascally wabbit”
    The wily one is Mr. Coyote.

    I usually find that sneaking up on homework helps too – otherwise it tends to escape.

  2. Pete Says:

    I have to wonder if you used blunderbuss because of the deadliest warrior show, or if you are just a huge fan of pirate weapondry…

    • linneawrites Says:

      I am a fan of pirates, generally, but I just like the word. I wanted to use “double-barreled blunderbuss,” but a Google Image search for Fudd showed that he just doesn’t use one that often. Darn.

      Double-barreled blunderbuss!

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