Giving Some Time

June 5, 2009

My attempt at the higher-word-count goal was a bust. 1,500 on any topic: cool. 1,000 of whatever, plus 1,000 towards one fantasy novel: ouch. So I’m going to go back to my baseline of 1,500 words per day, and I have a new goal: practice Muse-calling.

I am somewhat discouraged that I didn’t leap into my fantasy novel with eagerness and discipline. It’s made me wonder if fiction is really what I want to write, if I’m cut out for it, etc., etc. It’s way too early to give up, though, so I’m going to be vewy, vewy quiet as I sneak up on fiction a second time. For the next three weeks, I will sit in my office chair with the computer on and the word processor open at 8:00 AM. At the beginning of the hour, I will declare (to any listening forces of writerly aid) that the next 30 minutes are for fiction. Then I will either write or do nothing, but I will not do anything that is not fiction writing.

At the bottom of my usual M-W-F posts, you will see a time log and cumulative word count (if any). Fridays will also include a pass/fail note on the baseline goal.


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