Sea Change

May 22, 2009

6763 total, with 1169 fiction. Abysmal. I have been busy this week. I’ve also started …writing. As in, my characters are doing things and talking to each other. Their actions and interactions are clearly The Story, and not just me illustrating what they’re like and outlining what they’ll do. This process is slower than what I do when I’m trying to hit a quota. I’d still like to bump it up a level, but I have just enough sense to let myself feel my way into the new process, for once. I think being busy helped; charging the fences is more my usual style.

I have also started reading fantasy again. I know, what a great idea for a would-be fantasy author. You couldn’t keep me away from that section of the library when I was a kid and teenager, but then I went to college and got introduced to the textbook. Needy critters, them. I think my natural interest in reading has just about recovered. Again, I eased into it: I just finished a new one by one of my favorite YA fantasy authors, Robin McKinley. I liked it so much I wondered if I shouldn’t be aiming for that age level. Maybe. I may feel differently in a few months, or if, say, George R.R. Martin ever finishes the next installment in his Song of Ice and Fire series. No plug for you, George. I [SPOILERS] still don’t know how Dany’s doing, or what really happened to the Onion Knight (that wasn’t really his hand, was it?), or whether Tyrion has any hope of finding Tysha. I assume Jon Snow is fine, but I wouldn’t put anything past you, and it would still be nice to know what’s going on up at the Wall. Until I do, my crabbiness is the only endorsement you’ll get from me. [END SPOILERS]

Not that he’s reading this. Okay, everyone go out and find a copy of A Game of Thrones. Unless you’re easily made queasy, you’ll be glad you did.


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