Motion; No Rudder

May 11, 2009

I’m having doubts about whether beating myself with the word count stick over and over is the best way to produce a novel. I’m not going cop out on the current goal, but I might just prove that one week (or two, I guess) really is all it takes. Meanwhile, I’m considering alternatives. My Shelfari writer’s group is still offering suggestions, and no one seems to think that discipline is a problem.

This morning, I started writing at 9:00, and let the cats out just an hour later. The destructive one distracted me several times, but I still hit my target by 11:30. So that wasn’t really a problem, either.

Figuring out how to direct my newly established productivity is going to take some thought. I suspect that I’ll experiment with several ideas before I find a groove that works for me. This will be fun; I’ll find out what kind of writer I am.


2 Responses to “Motion; No Rudder”

  1. mybluescreen Says:

    Don’t beat yourself up, but keep doing what you’re doing. Contradictory, I know. But this type of determination is what produces novels, and it sounds like you’re doing really well. Keep it up!

  2. […] can I give myself credit for forced habit formation? Did all those weeks of making myself write x words bring my natural interest in writing back to life (after it died in […]

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