Recommended for Career Novelists

April 29, 2009

I have not deluded myself that fiction writing is likely to be a lucrative career, and I know there is an excellent chance that it won’t be a career at all, certainly not if we define “career” as “work one does for money.” However, I came across a book that makes me slightly more optimistic. At least, I feel like it’s possible to take this one-in-a-million chance and do… something… with it.

Here’s the book. It’s a free download, too, which can only be because the author is awesome. That, and he has a new book out, and part of his chapter (in the free one) on genre trends is out date, despite his best efforts to focus on macro movements. There’s a paragraph or two where he talks about how fantasy doesn’t get enough industry respect… clearly Harry Potter hadn’t happened yet. Other than that, it looks solid.

It’s easy to find inspiration in a book designed to promote hope. This guy doesn’t do that. He’s very clear that it’ll be a good five years after you publish (if you publish) before you’re likely to be accepted as a novelist. Not “as an established novelist,” just a novelist; not a flash in the pan. The book offers plenty of perspective from the business side of a career in fiction. I recommend it.


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