Mid-week and All is Well

April 22, 2009

Sometimes I get worried about nothing. I have two possible responses to this: spend a lot of time worrying, or spend five minutes analyzing the problem, and about an hour scheduling myself into oblivion. In scenario #2, I’m assuming that if I have very clear guidelines for the following week, I will be so busy solving the problem and clearing other obligations off my plate that I won’t have time to worry unproductively.

Friday was like that. My word count was down again (omg, three weeks into it and failing, failing!), and I’d probably let the laundry go, or something like that. I wrote up my delightfully regimented schedule and felt much better. Blog, fiction, play with cats (yes, really; they claw things if I don’t), housework, new writing projects, yoga… Everything has a time slot.

This week has been better. I’ve had a couple strange conversations with my fiance. They’re reassuring, in their odd way. Monday evening, he asked casually whether I’d broken into the liquor cabinet during the day. Of course not! I told him I had a rule against that. How many writers are (were) also drunks? How many housewives? I won’t do it. He laughed. He reminded me that one drink a day was perfectly healthy, especially if it was just a glass of wine with lunch. Besides (he went on), I’m such a lightweight now that if I made a solid commitment to perpetual drunkenness, it would take me at least year to achieve it. Maybe closer to two.

Just to recap: he told me I should have a drink with lunch, and that I probably couldn’t be an alcoholic if I tried.

Last night, he invited me to start a character on his Warcraft account. Now, I was sure he had lost his mind. We discussed Warcraft before I started this whole stay-at-home-and-write thing. That was months ago. Under no plan was Warcraft an option. Even I could see that it was more dangerous (for me) than alcohol. I’ve never been much more than buzzed… but Warcraft… those of you who have played understand. Those of you who have not, I assure you: the most addictive game you’ve ever played has not one hundredth the power of this MMORPG. It’s like living a never-ending series of fantasy novels. They call it Warcrack for a reason.

My darling shrugged at my shock, and pointed out that I’ve gotten into a good routine, and playing Warcraft in my “free” slots isn’t going to upset the apple cart. “If your character starts leveling faster than mine, then we’ll know you have a problem.” That was a joke: when 70 was the new limit, he took a character from 1 to 60 in less than a week.The man has mad geek skillz.

So the guy who is now responsible for supporting us has suggested that I play the worst game for killing productivity ever invented, and almost dared me to booze it up. He’s either a very dangerous influence, or totally confident in my restraint. He’s not a lunatic or a bad man, so I’m going to have go with #2. Which is awesome. The person who has the greatest stake in keeping an eye on me thinks I’m doing just fine.


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