Word Count 3

April 10, 2009

6140 words since Friday, with a high of 1838. That’s better. It’s not 1500 a day, but I like the trend. I think I will reach my goal by the end of the month, if not sooner, and then I can set another one. I’m considering increased word count and a required minimum for fiction writing, not just writing in general.

I have four novels outlined or written to various extents, including a NaNo novel. For those who haven’t heard about it: NaNoWriMo refers to National Novel Writing Month. Every November, this guy named Chris Baty invites everyone with a web connection to join an online community of novelists bent on writing 50,000 words in 30 days. I tried twice, and failed twice. On November 30th,  2007, I uploaded my 50,005th word and got the certificate. Woot! Palindromes are so cool.

So I have the NaNo, some outlines, one or two chapters, and a handful of scenes, none of which adds up to anything I could submit to a publisher. At least, not at my current level of discipline. Eventually, I will have to pick one story to finish, completely finish, and get into shape for submission. Meanwhile, my good writing habits are still under construction.

I think I have about a dozen readers left after my February slump. You guys stick with me and I’ll stick with it. Deal?


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