I Like Money, Really

April 6, 2009

The parent of the kid I’m coaching emailed me today about payment. Yay! I like money. I say that even though I’m going into a profession that rewards about 1% of its practitioners with life-sustaining income. Or so I was told by my advanced creative writing professor. Teaching was (and still is) her day job.  That could be me someday. I like this coaching gig. The kid’s writing improves noticably with each new story, and I love seeing that.

So now I’m back to that Big Question: do I want to write novels, or do I want to make money? I could expand my coaching services. I could apply for a newspaper or magazine job. Any of those options would keep me close to writing… but would it be close enough? I do like the idea of making money. I am looking forward to getting paid; it’s something I could stand to look forward to more often. But would I have time to write? Would I have the energy after a long, bad day? Can my interest in becoming a novelist stand up to the ordinary trials of life? If it can’t, do I deserve to be an author?

Just for reference: a writer is someone who writes. An author is someone whose work has been published. I’ll answer my own questions: I could find the time. If I found it in the morning, the length and badness of the rest of the day would be irrelevant. Yes, I can hack it; I won NaNoWriMo two years ago in the midst of a busy time at work. People get what they don’t deserve all the time. If I work at writing, then maybe I’ll get published and deserve it, too.

Maybe I’ll even get paid.


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