Coaching the Competition

March 18, 2009

Those who can’t do, teach. Painful but true, at the moment. My pupil is doing great: wrote two short stories, and got one of them published on a teen website. He’s almost done with his novel. He’s optimistic about getting it published. I’m somewhat optimistic about getting him to set it aside for a month, start something else, and then come back to rewrite it. But any way you look at it, the kid is writing!

I picked up yet another book about my craft at the library last week. When I started reading it today, the first sage axiom I came across is the one I find in every book of its type: those who keep at this, doggedly, are more likely to succeed than the talented & lazy.

This kid I’m teaching is going to beat me. I really can’t stand the thought, thus you see a post.

Back to the word processor.


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