Scheduling My Copious Free Time

January 26, 2009

Week One without a job is over, and I’m feeling pretty darn well relaxed. Around Sunday afternoon, I started combing through my goals notebook, reminding myself that I had plans for this new year. I wrote a schedule, and the morning has gone moderately well.  I worked on a short story.

A writing friend and I have an agreement: write one short per month; exchange & critique. I should be into the final polish by now, but I’m not. The schedule is lovely, but what I really need is a kick in the pants and a return to ferocious self-discipline. Fortunately, I have at least five books on my shelf that can provide the kick. I haven’t yet read a book about writing that didn’t include a paragraph, if not an entire chapter, on the importance of staring down a blank page for a few hours every day, whether you think you have anything to say or not. I didn’t quite ignore the wise elders on my bookshelf this morning, but I didn’t exactly honor them, either.

Round two: 3:00 PM.


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