A Lady Who Lunches

November 2, 2008

Last winter, I watched a teacher friend irritate her husband (who commutes an hour each way) by cheering when she learned the next school day was canceled due to snow. The phone rang; it was another teacher. As she skipped out of the room, he called after her in falsetto: “You wanna go to lu-u-unch?” Later, she and I joked that when we were both stay-at-home moms, we’d be Ladies Who Lunch– idle women who have nothing better to do than make lunch dates with each other. This is a fantasy, of course; we’ll have kids to take care of, and I doubt I’ll be the only one running a small business on the side.

All the same, lunches are great and I’m glad my boss was generous enough to grant me extra time there if I need it for my business. I might be putting that long lunch hour to use soon. I applied for a gig: interviewing a WWII veteran and writing up his memoirs. I’ll keep you posted. Also on the lunch front: I’ll be attending an Election Day party this week. The host is a professional writer (technical and freelance marketing), and I’m pretty sure at least one of his other guests will be, too. If all goes well, I’ll be buying lunch and picking brains at least twice in the near future.

I’m hoping they’ll be willing to tell me about how they got started in their writing careers. If you have advice on this topic, post in the comments! Or send along a writing friend to do the same. Thanks!


2 Responses to “A Lady Who Lunches”

  1. telecommutingtruths Says:

    We should all be so lucky as to be ladies who lunch!
    My advice for your upcoming lunches? Just ask! Most writers WANT to share their experiences!

  2. linneawrites Says:

    Thank you for posting, and for the advice! It’s something I should bring to mind before I spend too much time dithering on Tuesday night. Thanks again!

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