Just… get… started!

August 3, 2008

I finally contacted a friend of a friend who just passed the licensing exam to start her massage therapy business. I had offered to write up a brochure and some postcard mailers for her, pro bono, when we met a few weeks ago. Last week, I dithered for half an hour or so before sitting myself down and writing a call script. I left a message (as our mutual friend warned me I probably would) reminding her of our conversation. This will be good for my portfolio, but, more importantly, I used the phone.

The friend who put me in touch with the masseuse became an Independent Beauty Consultant just over a month ago. She put off making any calls for four weeks, then got talked into trying a challenge: 25 items sold in seven days. She invited me over as she was coming down to the wire: six’o’clock on the last day and six items to go.

I considered joining her organization a couple years ago, but decided against it in the end. I did go to a sales meeting, though, and it all came back to me as I watched my friend comb through her list of contacts, looking for someone who hadn’t said yes, but hadn’t definitely said no. I started cheering her on, pretending I was certain that the next one was going to be a Yes! and asking who else she could think of to call.

When we took a break to get Chinese take out, I poked at her until she approached the two women waiting with us. Both said no, but one also gave her some tips she’d heard from her regular consultant. An hour later, two people had called her back, and my friend submitted an order for more than the contest required.

It was so easy to be the cheerleader. I didn’t have to talk to anyone but my friend the entire time. I’m just as timid as she is when it comes to reaching out for the purpose of making a sale. But if she can do it, I can do it. She was surprised to hear that I was nervous about that part of my new business, so I have to assume that when I’m faking confidence in everyday social situations, it’s working. And, if I fake it through my first couple (or couple dozen) calls, I may not notice that I’m faking it anymore.


One Response to “Just… get… started!”

  1. This is one of the hardest parts for most people. The trick is to find an approach that works and that you feel comfortable with.

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