Exit Strategy

July 15, 2008

I’m concerned that if I put too much information out there, someone who knows someone will stumble across the blog and figure out that their friend’s accountant is about to amscray. Perhaps I overestimate my exposure. Perhaps I underestimate my most energetically vindictive coworker. I don’t know. But I am sure that, when I leave, I would like my successor to find no mess.

Allow me to assure any potential cat-bag-openers of my plans for a painless transition.

I will:

– write a training manual that covers all essential tasks, in particular those that no one else is familiar with

– see to it that reference material is organized and easy to find

– NOT pull up stakes during a period that the office expects to be extremely busy

– get a few simple systems up and running so my replacement can climb the learning curve in the shortest possible time, and

– remain with the organization long enough to thoroughly train my replacement.

Getting organized over the past couple weeks has been good for me. I looked into some popular systems and found pieces of two that worked well together. The structure of my work week will soon be clear enough to be made into the structure for the manual.

My files are in pretty good shape. Some of the larger reference cabinets need a little work, but a day or three in between my major obligations should take care of that. Bits of the training manual already exist as leftovers from my training, my predecessor’s training, and that time I scheduled a vacation right on top of a time-critical task, and had to arrange to have my rear covered.

I am debating the relative merits of tipping my hand sooner rather than later. There are advantages and disadvantages; let me know what you think.



One Response to “Exit Strategy”

  1. Pete Says:

    I say you keep going like you’re going. I wouldn’t tell them until you are much closer to the “exit date”. You are doing a lot more (and putting much more thought) that most anyone would in your situation, so I commend you for that.

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