First Sacrifice

July 1, 2008

I don’t know who said it: To get what you want, you have to get rid of what you don’t want. That’s certainly true of my disgusting couch–I don’t have room for two. My problem for the past week, however, has been that I have to get rid of something I do want.

A few months ago, I joined what might be the best martial arts studio in my state. The people there are warm and wonderful. I loved training with them; learning from them. I’m new to the discipline and was just beginning to prepare for my first test. The head instructor complimented me for holding up under the general philosophy: anyone who hasn’t earned their black belt is just a guest. I understood. I didn’t mind. When he finally called me out in class for screwing up a technique I was ecstatic, because it meant I was doing well enough to merit the correction. And the parties… this crowd knows how to do it.

We hosted a seminar not too long ago. Afterwards, everyone headed for the backyard of a favorite training partner and spent the night discussing new moves, eating incredible potluck, and drinking around the fire to “Shake, Shake Senora” played on a gypsy violin. Did I mention these folk have fascinating talents off the mat? And I can’t train with them three-plus nights a week if I want to start a business in my spare time.

I emailed the instructor, letting him know what the situation was and that I hoped to return. He replied that he’d be glad to see me back someday. Training does take a time commitment to get good, “and you were on your way.”

Before writing this post, I did the dishes and cussed. I have to make it as a writer now.


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